Timetable 2019

The NS timetable for 2019 contains a number of changes compared to the 2018 timetable. On this page you will find an overview of all important changes. One new station will be opened, and another will be closed. In general, there are few major changes compared to previous years.

In the journey planner you can look up what has changed on your route. The new timetable for 2019 starts on Sunday 9 December.

Timetable changes 2019

Below you will find the most important changes per region.

New station Lansingerland-Zoetermeer

From 9 December, the new station Lansingerland-Zoetermeer will be opened between Gouda and Zoetermeer-Oost. The sprinters on the line Utrecht-Gouda-Den Haag Central will stop at this station.

West Netherlands

In addition to the opening of the new Lansingerland-Zoetermeer station, the following changes have taken place in this region:

  • From now on, the intercity trains between Utrecht and Gouda (further on to The Hague/Rotterdam) will no longer run in quick succession, but will be spread more evenly, reducing the waiting time between Utrecht and Gouda. From now on, the maximum waiting time will be 10 minutes.
  • The sprinter Utrecht-Gouda-Den Haag will halt shorter in Woerden and Gouda Goverwelle, but a little longer in Gouda.
  • From now on, the Uitgeest-Breukelen sprinter trains will always continue in Amsterdam Central. In 2018, this connection was sometimes split in two different trains.
  • There are more trains running on the HSL because the international train to Antwerp and Brussels now runs separately from the domestic Intercity Direct.

South Netherlands

  • From now on, the Dordrecht-Breda intercity will only run during rush hour. Only sprinter trains will run outside rush hour.
  • The sprinter between Dordrecht and Roosendaal will have a more regular timetable.
  • The line between Dordrecht and Geldermalsen will be taken over by Qbuzz. The trains will be renovated and the 15 minute-service will continue for an hour longer than in 2018.
  • Arriva will take over the train service between Heerlen and Herzogenrath; the current connection will be extended to Aachen Hbf and the train will also run from Maastricht (the route will be: Maastricht-Heerlen-Aachen).
  • Station Heerlen de Kissel is no longer served. Arriva has not succeeded in making a timetable that allows Heerlen de Kissel to be served.
  • Arriva is expected to take over the connection between Maastricht and Liège-Guillemins in the course of 2019.

East Netherlands

  • On Sunday afternoon, trains will run twice per hour on the Doetinchem - Winterswijk and Zutphen - Winterswijk routes.
  • The train Amsterdam - Berlin skips the station of Hilversum in the summer months, and departs later from Amersfoort and Apeldoorn. The train from Germany to Amsterdam does not call at Apeldoorn station. In the summer months there is an extra domestic train (Amsterdam-Deventer v.v.) that calls at all regular stations to prevent domestic passengers from travelling with the busy Berlin train.


  • It is expected that an extra Eurostar between Amsterdam and London will be running from June.
  • The Thalys to France is no longer running to Lille Europe. From April, Thalys trains will run to Aéroport Charles de Gaulle and Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy (Disneyland Paris).