London – Amsterdam by train

Trein van Eurostar door Groot-Brittannië

The Netherlands is very easily reachable from the UK by train. The brand new direct Eurostar connection between London and Amsterdam, introduced in 2018, makes it possible to travel to Amsterdam in 3.5 hours.

Ticket prices start from € 59 for a single ticket and can be booked online on the website of the Dutch railways.

When does the Eurostar to Amsterdam run?

Eurostar from London to Amsterdam runs twice per day, and tickets can be booked until approximately 3 months before departure. Beside the direct Eurostar train, there are also many connections where you change trains in Brussels. In these cases, you travel from Brussels to Amsterdam in a comfortable and high-speed Thalys train.

Train schedule Eurostar London – Amsterdam

This is the train schedule from London in direction of Amsterdam. There are two direct connections, all other connections include a transfer in Brussels. Times are in local time.

Station Direct Direct Thalys Thalys Thalys Thalys Thalys
London St. Pancras (departure) 08.31 17.31 08.54 10.58 12.58 15.04 17.31
Brussels (arrival) x x 12.02 14.05 16.08 18.05 20.19
Brussels (departure) x x 12.52 14.52 16.52 18.52 20.52
Rotterdam Central (arrival) 12.32 21.32 14.02 16.02 18.02 20.02 22.02
Amsterdam Central (arrival) 13.12 22.12 14.42 16.42 18.42 20.42 22.42

And this is the train schedule for Eurostar in direction of London. Please note that you always change trains in Brussels for the mandatory border patrol and security check. 

Station Connection 1 Connection 2 Connection 3 Connection 4 Connection 5 Connection 6 Connection 7
Amsterdam Centraal (departure) 06.17 07.17 12.17 14.17 15.17 16.17 17.17
Rotterdam Centraal (departure) 06.58 07.58 12.58 14.58 15.58 16.58 17.58
Brussel Zuid/Midi (arrival) 08.08 09.08 14.08 16.08 17.08 18.08 19.08
Security check and passport control x x x x x x x
Brussel Zuid/Midi (departure) 08.52 10.08 14.56 16.56 17.56 19.02 19.52
London St. Pancras (arrival) 09.57 11.00 16.05 18.06 19.03 19.57 21.03

Tip: use the international journey planner to plan your complete trip from the UK to the Netherlands.

What is the route of the Eurostar between Great Britain and the Netherlands?

The Eurostar from London to Amsterdam departs from London St. Pancras station, and then follows the high-speed line to the Channel Tunnel. Along the route is calls at Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International. After Eurostar has passed the Channel, it travels through France and Belgium over high-speed lines to Brussels South/Midi station, and then continues to Antwerp, Rotterdam, and finally terminates at Amsterdam Central Station.

Foto van de Big Ben in Londen

Route Eurostar Amsterdam-Londen:

  • Londen St. Pancras
  • Ebbsfleet International
  • Ashford International
  • Lille Europe
  • Brussels South/Midi
  • Rotterdam Centraal
  • Amsterdam Centraal

Both the railway stations of Rotterdam and Amsterdam are conveniently located in the city center and offer acces to other trains, underground, taxi's and other public transport.

More connections by changing trains in Brussels

The direct Eurostar trains run in the morning and at the end of the afternoon. However, you travel more often than this: there are many connections with a transfer in Brussels-South/Midi. For example, take a Eurostar to Brussels, and use the Thalys between Brussels and Amsterdam, or travel on the cheaper international train (the so-called Beneluxtrein, which is an international intercity between Brussels and Amsterdam).

Changing trains in Brussels is not difficult, there are clear indications. For your journey back to the UK, it is even easier: all Eurostar trains depart from platform 1 or 2, just follow the signs for Eurostar. Calculate at least 30 minutes for your transfer in Brussels when you travel to London; you'll need this time for the security control and passport check.

Passport control in Brussels-South/Midi

Inchecken bij Eurostar op Brussel Zuid/MidiAt station Brussels-Midi you will have to pass through passport control when you travel to London. This is necessary because the UK checks your passport even before you are in England.

The check in Brussels is done by British customs officers. In addition, you must also pass through the passport control at St. Pancras station when you arrive in London. There is no passport control when you arrive in Brussels or the Netherlands.

Service on-board

Standard class Standard Premier class Premier class

All Eurostar trains are comfortable high-speed trains, comparable with other European high-speed trains like Thalys and ICE. There is an on-board bar, and some of the coaches have power outlets. Unfortunately most trainsets do not yet have wifi on board, only the latest models are equipped with wifi.

In the Channel Tunnel there is mobile range (3G and 4G). Towards France you are connected to the British mobile network, towards the UK you are connected with the French mobile network. The normal roaming rules within the EU apply.

Eurostar has 3 classes on board: Standard, Standard Premier, and Business Premier. Standard is the normal 2nd class (or economy class). Business Premier is the 1st class, and Standard Premier is somewhat in between.

With Business Premier and Standard Premier you have seats with more legroom and you are being served a meal during your trip. With a Business Premier ticket you get access to the Eurostar lounge and you can check in up to 10 minutes before departure (normally this is up to 30 minutes before departure).

Train tickets to Amsterdam

Train tickets to Amsterdam can be booked on the website of NS International (the Dutch railways) or on the website of B-Europe. Tickets can be paid with your creditcard, in addition to that allows B-Europe you to pay with Paypal.

Find tickets to Amsterdam

How much does a ticket London-Amsterdam cost?

Ticket prices for Eurostar from London to Amsterdam start at € 59 for a single journey. The exact costs for your ticket depend on which connection you'll take, the demand for your train and when you book. In general, it is cheaper to book early in advance. Tickets can be bought approximately 3 months before departure.

Travelling to the Netherlands, but not Rotterdam or Amsterdam? The NS website will tell you what the exact ticket price will be. Almost all stations in the Netherlands can be booked online.

Tips for finding discounted Eurostar tickets

Eurostar had 3 types of tickets:

  • No-Flex: No-Flex: these are the cheapest tickets, but they have no flexibility at all. They cannot be cancelled or booked. Of these tickets, there is a limited stock per train, and this stock can (and usually does) run out.
  • Semi-Flex: these tickets are slightly more expensive, but have more flexibility. They can be cancelled free of charge and this type of ticket is always bookable, as long as the train is not fully booked.
  • Flex: these tickets are free to book or cancel. However, they are only available for 1st class (Business Premier) and are the most expensive type of tickets.

You always book a ticket for a specific train and your seat is reserved. So you can't just take a train sooner or later, unless you order a (expensive) flexible ticket. Cheaper tickets cannot be cancelled, something that is possible with more expensive tickets.

When you book a ticket online you can pay with iDeal or credit card. You can print the ticket yourself (e-ticket) or have it scanned in the NS International app. It is not allowed to have a PDF scanned from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

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