Open data

Rijden de Treinen collects a lot of data about the Dutch railway network. A lot of our data is in turn based on open data from railway companies, like NS and ProRail. We enrich and enhance this data with our own data. Because we believe that open data is important, we make a lot of our data available to everyone who is interested in using our data.

Currently we share data about railway stations, train disruptions, distances between stations (tariff matrices) and data about train services (the train archive).

We make this data available for free to everyone, so that you can use it for your own projects. We do ask you to mention us as the source of the data. Please check the license of each dataset. Some are available under a CC0 license, others are available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Available datasets

We currently offer the following datasets:

Open source

Rijden de Treinen processes various real-time data streams flows from NDOV. The backend system that processes these information flows is open source and is available for free to everyone!

GoTrain is the backend that processes all live departure times, arrival times and trip details in real time for Rijden de Treinen. The separate XML messages that are sent from the NDOV data are translated by GoTrain into a handy REST API, which returns the current data in JSON format.

GoTrain is an open source server application, written in Go, and is available under the GPL v3 license. You can download, use and modify the software for your own use for free (as long as you make the source code public).