Public transport strike Tuesday 8 May 2018 Arriva and Keolis

Update: the strike has been cancelled. All trains will run tomorrow. Some buses are expected to be on strike.

On Tuesday May 8th there will be another strike in the public transport in several regions. Contrary to earlier information, the strike will not affect trains. Some buses will be on strike however. As with the previous strike, the reason for the strike is that there is a conflict between the collective bargaining agreement for regional transport.


Which trains and buses do not run?

All trains will run.

There are no buses in several places. Bus drivers in the following regions will take part in the strike: Breng Arnhem/Nijmegen, Keolis region Twente and Qbuzz in Utrecht.

Which trains are running?

All trains will be running, in all regions and by all operators.


How do I stay informed?

On Tuesday, there will be significantly fewer trains running. To be sure, you can check the current departure times or use the journey planner. During your journey, you're always up to date with the NL Train Navigator app.

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