Public transport strike Arriva on Thursday 31 May 2018

On Thursday May 31st, there is a public transport strike in the Netherlands for Arriva. This means that in some places, regional buses do not run, and trains of Arriva in Limburg do not run on Thursday. Trains in other regions and trains operated by other companies (including NS and NS International) will still run.

The reason for the strike is that there is a conflict between the collective bargaining agreement for regional transport. NS employees are covered by their own collective bargaining agreement and therefore do not strike.

Which trains are not running?

Buses and trains operated by Arriva in Limburg will not run on Thursday. NS trains will still run. Trains on these will not run:

  • Heerlen-Maastricht
  • Sittard-Heerlen-Kerkrade (local train)
  • Roermond-Maastricht (local train)
  • Nijmegen-Venlo-Roermond (local train)

NS intercity's in Limburg will run as scheduled.

Arriva buses in Friesland will not run, except buses on the Wadden isles. Arriva trains in Friesland will run.

Arriva buses in the southern part of the South Holland province will not run on Thursday. Arriva trains between Dordrecht and Geldermalsen will run.

Which trains are running?

Except for regional Arriva trains in Limburg, all other trains will run on Thursday. This includes all international trains, trains operated by other companies and Arriva trains in other parts of the Netherlands.

Is there replacement transport?

During the strike on Thursday, there is no replacement transport. For example, there are no buses when the train is not running. The advice is to arrange alternative transport yourself, for example by going by car, by hitchhiking with someone, by taxi or by bicycle. Not every train driver will strike, but the chance that trains or buses are running is very small.

Can I get compensation?

It is probably possible, as a passenger, to get compensation for the two days when there are no trains. If you already have a ticket, it is best to contact the customer service of your operator.

Do you have to incur extra costs or do you suffer damage as a result of the strike? Then, unfortunately, the chance of compensation for this is very small. You are not entitled to compensation, as this is excluded by law.

How do I stay informed?

On Monday and Tuesday, there will be virtually no trains from regional carriers. To be sure, you can check the current departure times or use the journey planner. On the go, you are always up to date with the NL Train Navigator app.