defecte trein

Broken down train: Amsterdam-Amersfoort; Utrecht-Hilversum-Weesp (3 July)

  1. Disruption resolved Last update

    Between Weesp and Hilversum restrictions are now cancelled. due to a broken down train.

  2. Delays decreasing

    Between Weesp and Hilversum the restrictions are resolved.
    Delays are decreasing.
    Service is normal around 8:00 AM hours.

  3. Disruption

    Between Weesp and Hilversum there are fewer trains running due to a broken down train.
    This will take until approximately 8:00 AM hours.

    Train measures

    • Intercity 1500 Amersfoort C./Amsterdam C. - Amsterdam C./Amersfoort C. is cancelled between Amsterdam Centraal and Amersfoort Centraal
    • Sprinter 4900 Utrecht C./Almere C. - Almere C./Utrecht C. is cancelled between Almere Centrum and Hilversum
    • Sprinter 5700 Utrecht C./Hoofddorp - Hoofddorp/Utrecht C. is cancelled between Hoofddorp and Hilversum

More about this disruption


This disruption started at 7:10 AM on July 3, 2023 and took 27 minutes in total.

For statistics, this disruption is caused due to a broken down train.

Affected lines

The following lines are affected by this disruption:


This disruption affects trains operated by NS and NS International.

Got delayed due to this disruption? You may be reimbursed.

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