Train tickets from Roosendaal to Vlissingen

A single journey from Roosendaal to Vlissingen costs €14.90. This is without any discount cards.

These are the ticket prices between Roosendaal and Vlissingen. Return tickets are valid for the same day only. When you travel back on a different day, you should buy two single tickets.

Discounted ticket prices are only valid with a discount pass. Some discounts are only applicable outside peak hours. Peak hours are on weekdays between 06:30 - 09:00 and 16:00 - 18:30. There are no peak hours in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and on national holidays.

One-way ticket

Single fare: a trip from Roosendaal to Vlissingen.

Discount First class Second class
Full price €24.88 €14.90
20% discount €19.90 €11.92
40% discount €14.93 €8.94

Return ticket

Return fare: a trip from Roosendaal to Vlissingen and back (same day).

Discount First class Second class
Full price €49.76 €29.80
20% discount €39.80 €23.84
40% discount €29.86 €17.88

Price calculation

The price calculation below is for a one-way ticket, second class.

From To Operator Price
Roosendaal Vlissingen NS €14.90

Total amount of fare units for this journey: 74

Buy online train ticket between Roosendaal and Vlissingen

You can buy tickets for domestic train trips online at webshop or at the ticket machine at the station. Buying tickets online is cheaper than purchasing them at the ticket machine. Read more about buying train tickets in the Netherlands.

Buy e-ticket Roosendaal - Vlissingen

You purchase e-tickets directly with the Dutch Railways at You can pay with your credit card or iDeal.

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