Train statistics for Sprinter 3381 (Hoorn to Hoofddorp)

This page shows all statistics and punctuality information for Sprinter 3381 which runs from Hoorn to Hoofddorp. These statistics are based on the historic data in the train archive and are recalculated automatically every day.

The punctuality statistics allows you to see how Sprinter 3381 usually performs, and how the performance was for the past two weeks. Is this train usually late or the cancellation percentage quite high? You might want to consider taking an earlier train if you need to arrive on-time at your destination. Use the journey planner to help you with preparing an optimal train trip.

Punctuality for Sprinter 3381

This is the punctuality for Sprinter 3381 (Hoorn to Hoofddorp). The punctuality is the amount of trains which departured (or arrived) with less than 5 minutes delay. A higher percentage is better.

You can see both the punctuality for the past 14 days and for a longer period (past 2 months). Cancelled trains are counted as delayed trains, so this is the real percentage of trains which have arrived on-time.

Cancellations for Sprinter 3381

This graph shows the percentage of cancellations for Sprinter 3381 Hoorn to Hoofddorp. Cancellations imply either cancelled departures or cancelled arrivals. A lower percentage is better.

You can see both the cancellations for the past 14 days and for a longer period (past 2 months). Only cancelled departures are counted, except for the final stop where cancelled arrivals are counted.

Recent services

The train archive has an overview of all services of this train. Sprinter 3381 from Hoorn to Hoofddorp did recently run on the following dates:

Saturday, September 16, 2023
Sunday, September 10, 2023