Disruption cause: person hit by a train

A person hit by a train means that a person on or nearby the railway track has been struck by a passing train. In some cases, this include suicide attempts, but it also includes people who have been hit by a train while strolling along the track, persons who fell of the platform edge, or situations where somebody attempts to pass a railway crossing just in front of a train.

The consequences of a collision between a person and a train are often severe. Many victims are heavily injured and some of them don’t survive it.

Within the category accidents, collisions between trains and persons are the most common incidents. ProRail takes various measures to restrict access to the railway, for example by erecting fences (to make it harder to walk along the track) and by replacing level crossings with tunnels or bridges. However, it would be impossible to close all possible access points to the railway.

This disruption cause has been categorized under Accidents.

Most affected lines

List of the railway lines which are most often affected by this cause.

One disruption often impacts multiple railway lines. In those cases, the same disruption is counted for each affected line.


Statistics for this cause are calculated over the past 24 months.

Between November 1, 2020 and October 31, 2022, Rijden de Treinen has reported 0 disruptions caused due to a person hit by a train. This is an average of (not set) disruptions per day.

The average duration for this cause is 0 seconds.

Number of disruptions and total duration

This graphs shows the number of disruptions which are caused due to a person hit by a train and the total duration of these disruptions (measured in hours).

Disruptions per weekday

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