Fare units

On this page, you can calculate the distance between two stations. The price of your ticket is based on this distance (measured in fare units).

Only the shortest possible routes are shown, as fares are based on the shortest route. However, you are allowed to make a journey by a longer route if it is quicker or when there are fewer changes.


Shortest route

The shortest route is 82 fare units long.

Found one route between Arnhem Centraal and Enschede.

Station Fare units
1. Arnhem Centraal 0 FU
1 fare unit
2. Arnhem Velperpoort 1 FU
2 fare units
3. Arnhem Presikhaaf 3 FU
3 fare units
4. Velp 6 FU
4 fare units
5. Rheden 10 FU
6 fare units
6. Dieren 16 FU
6 fare units
7. Brummen 22 FU
7 fare units
8. Zutphen 29 FU
17 fare units
9. Lochem 46 FU
13 fare units
10. Goor 59 FU
10 fare units
11. Delden 69 FU
3 fare units
12. Hengelo Gezondheidspark 72 FU
2 fare units
13. Hengelo 74 FU
4 fare units
14. Enschede Kennispark 78 FU
4 fare units
15. Enschede 82 FU
Total distance 82 FU

Disclaimer: the fare units shown on this page are taken from the fare units map, provided by NS. Care has been taken to ensure that this information is correct. However, there may be errors in this data, the data may be incomplete, or the data might be outdated. The information shown here is provided without warranty. Use it as indication, not as a formal source.